7 Quick Takes: A Peek at My Christmas Wishlist

cranberrytitleI was going to try to post about something helpful, maybe put together a list of my  7  favorite fair trade companies as a Christmas shopping guide.  But then I found this Ethical Shopping Guide  and figured it was a far better resource than anything I could do, plus it includes a link to a John Oliver video which is educational and hilarious (warning for some rough language if you have kids around).


Last week I posted some ideas for advent and then some DIY Christmas gifts.  In my family, we, for the most part, have stopped buying gifts and instead give everyone a few homemade goodies. But  I still have a few family members who insist on buying us gifts (trust me I’m not complaining).  So for lack of anything better I decided to give you a peek at what is on my wishlist, maybe you want to buy it for me too or maybe you want to add it to yours, here’s a quick look.


Seven Quick Takes: A Peek at my Christmas Wishlist.


1. Vollrath ceramic coated frying pan. This one has come highly recommended and is made in the USA. My old Teflon pan is starting to wear out and my friends keep telling me Teflon causes cancer, I don’t know if it’s true but I believe them enough to switch to ceramic when it comes time to get a new one.


2. Tonle A-line grey skirt. I’m nervous, I’ve had my eye on this skirt for months and it is now on sale, I’d love it but it is a bit much to buy for myself so we will see if it comes through as a Christmas gift. Tonle is a fair trade company that uses a zero-waste designs.  I haven’t bought from them yet but I like what I’ve seen so far. And I’m pretty sure I would live in this skirt all summer if I had it.





3. Arbor Teas, Curve teapot. I broke the lid on our last tea pot and so the bottom half didn’t make the cut when we were packing for our move. Honestly I sort of regret leaving it behind but the deed is done. I thought this one was cute, it’s another company that is new to me that sells fair trade tea and organic tea and accessories.




4. Warby Parker Shades.  It is sunny here all year long. And I’ve been wearing the same $15 Walmart sunglasses for 10 years now, they are so scratched I can hardly see. Warby Parker uses the buy a pair give a pair model, (which I feel like works better for glasses than for shoes, still not ideal but I think these guys have a good heart and business overall and super cute shades).



5. Glass dropper bottles. What can I say? I’ve recently gotten interested in herbal medicine, strange perhaps but I like the idea of being able to grow something and make it into a medicine that can keep me or my family well.  I thought a little bottle collection would be give a me a nice place to start mixing up some concoctions.


6. Jenny Krauss Belt. I’ve had my eye on the one in the middle for a while too. I have an old embroidered belt from Noonday Collection, also from Guatemala, which I love and have been wearing for a couple years now. It is starting to tatter a little so I’m looking into a new one. I haven’t purchased from this company yet either but I’ve been following them, love their colors and I love Guatemala.


slider pic belts on fence-cr-1170x700


7. So many weird books. I feel like this list reveals how odd I am. All sort of on the subjects of food, faith and family so at least my reading in the next year should be on topic for this blog.



I’d love to see what is on your list?

Thanks for reading friends. And for more quick takes from other bloggers check out the link up at anabellehazard.blogspot.com




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  • Shannon Reply

    That skirt! Now I really want it too! Of course I wouldn’t get quite as much use out of it as you in South Texas, but I agree I would wear it every summer day for the rest of my life. Love the book list. I read The Vaccine Book when I was pregnant with Moses and found it really balanced and helpful. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts as a doctor though. I’ve read Gift of the Red Bird, which was okay but not super engaging to me. Theology of the Body is just always good, though I haven’t read that particular book. And I would like to read In Defense of Food and Gilead. So I don’t think your list is that weird! ha.

    • egjarrett Reply

      Love that our book lists have so much in common, it’s kind of hysterical really. I’ve heard good things about the Dr. Sears book. I have another book on my amazon list that is a little more anti-vax too. I’m pretty neutral about the whole subject right now. Most everyone in medicine is very pro-vaccine, just lately I’ve started to get suspicious of these big pharmacy companies and plus people always ask me my opinion on vaccines so I finally decided to put some extra work into looking into both sides, it will probably about two years before I have much of an informed opinion, but you gotta start somewhere I guess. I bought the actual theology of the body but haven’t cracked it, this author has spoken several times in churches around us and though I’ve never actually made it I’ve heard he is good, so I thought this would be a good start. Good to hear about gift of red bird, I chose it over the other book on grief you suggested because there were a bunch of reviews from a conference she did at laity lodge (the camp where michael used to work) so I felt like we had a connection, maybe I need to read both. I’ve actually read the first half of In Defense of Food, it is interesting. Man I’m wondering if I should just buy that skirt.

      • egjarrett Reply

        dang it, already out of my size.

        • Shannon Reply

          Aw bummer. Yeah I thought the price was pretty reasonable! Keep me posted on what you find vaccine-wise. Moses was on an alternative schedule and we had a supportive pediatric practice in Denton. I felt they shot me straight when there was something going on and we needed to break schedule, like a mumps outbreak or a flu shot. I appreciated their flexibility so much. I don’t think there’s anyone here like that so we might just do the usual from now on. I’m too much of a socialist to give up vaccines completely 😉

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