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I felt a little under the weather for a day or so this week. I’m recovered now but enjoyed spending a full 15 hours in bed (can you imagine!) and some chicken soup.  Here is my week in review in the form of recipes.


1.  Chicken Stock

I have been meaning to make my own chicken stock for a couple years now. I’m not sure why I finally got motivated but I finally did it.  This is Ina Garten’s recipe.  I didn’t exactly follow it (really I hardly ever follow a recipe exactly). Here are a few pointers, if you are using a whole chicken make sure you rinse it and take out the liver before you put it in the pot.  I don’t measure the water but rather just fill up the biggest pot I have and then add whatever I have, at least an onion and a couple carrots, some celery and some herbs, the details are mostly optional here and you can always add seasoning later when you go to cook with it.  I used some of my stock right away for soup but then will can the rest tomorrow.


2. Egg Noodles

I started into making chicken noodle soup and realized I didn’t have any noodles.  Did you even know you can whip up your own egg noodles in 20 minutes? Most of the recipes I saw called for letting them dry for a while but I just cut mine and put them into the pot, nothing like it. I didn’t follow this recipe exactly either, instead I mixed one egg, 1/2 tsp of salt and 1 cup of flour, and then a few tablespoons of milk until the dough started sticking together. I kneaded it until it was elastic, rolled it out and then rolled it up like a jelly roll to make slicing easier and dropped them right into the boiling pot of soup as I cut them.

7 recipes, a week in review, liturgy of life. liturgyoflife.com chicken noodle soup, homemade egg noodles


7 recipes, a week in review, liturgy of life. liturgyoflife.com homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles


3.  Chicken Casserole

After my stock had been boiling for a couple hours I pulled out the chicken and removed most of the meat and then stuck the bones back in the pot to boil for a while longer.  I used some of the meat in my soup but with the extra a thew together a chicken and rice casserole to freeze (actually I had made rice before I realized I could make my own noodles and was about to add it to the soup, then changed my mind and decided to mix up the noodles instead).  This is the absolute easiest casserole. Someday I’ll get around to making my own cream of chicken soup (all it is is chicken stock thickened with flour and milk).  This casserole is basically just chicken, rice and cream of chicken soup, though you could add veggies or mushrooms and some other seasoning.  Nothing fancy but it works great in a pinch (the recipe I linked to calls for raw rice, if you are using cooked like I did then omit the milk).


4.  Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This is another great use for shredded chicken that I used earlier this week.   Last time I did this sort of recipe review I mentioned that I had been experimenting with an Asian style soup. We had company this weekend and I wanted to try it out on them and was trying to think of what would go with it. I had these wraps recently when I went to PF Changs for the first time and figured they would be easy enough.  I had to buy hoisin sauce and water chestnuts and I used peanut oil instead of sesame oil but otherwise the ingredient list is pretty simple.  I think this is likely to become a new family staple.


7 recipes, a week in review, liturgy of life. liturgyoflife.com chicken lettuce wraps


5.  Water Keifer

It has been a while but I’m going to get a friend set up brewing water keifer this weekend and need to start doing it myself again too. If you haven’t heard of it keifer is a living colony of yeast and bacteria. The brewing process is similar to beer making but quite a bit simpler.  The keifer eats sugar which gives the water a fizzy tang (along with a teeny, tiny amount of alcohol).  This is an easy way to make probiotics at home and as long as you take care of your keifer granules you can keep them forever. You can buy them here but ask around first, they multiply fast so if anyone around you is making it they likely have extra to share.


7 recipes, a week in review, liturgy of life. liturgyoflife.com water keifer


6.  Feta Cheese

We are also going to make a batch of Feta cheese.  This is actually easier to do than yogurt.  There are a couple different approaches but I went with purchasing a starter culture.  If you are using raw milk the only other ingredient you need is rennet. If your milk is pasteurized you also need calcium chloride (beware ultra pasteurized milk won’t work for cheese making) but both are easy to order, inexpensive and keep in the fridge forever.


feta 7 recipes, a week in review, liturgy of life. liturgyoflife.com


7. Carmel Popcorn

I’m making this over the weekend. It has been a while but last I remember I burned the caramel sauce on the first try but the second batch came out great.  This contains corn syrup, not may favorite ingredient, I’m sure you could find a recipe without it though I don’t know that I’m motivated to do it this go round.  Hope y’all have a happy Halloween and a joyful All Saints Day.


7 recipes, a week in review, liturgy of life. liturgyoflife.com


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Thanks for reading friends and have a great weekend.



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  • Katie Reply

    Hi there – stopping by from 7QT! I love the water keifir & feta cheese! I’m currently brewing my first batch of kombutcha and soon will be attempting yogurt (with coconut milk, though). Have a lovely weekend!

    • egjarrett Reply

      Thanks for stopping Katie, I haven’t tried kombutcha yet, but I would like to, maybe next summer. I’m interested in the coconut milk yogurt, I didn’t even know you could do that, let me know how it turns out. Also one of my good friends who we have dinner with every Sunday night has just gone onto a pretty strict paleo diet, do you happen to have any good recipe sources? We usually do sort of a pot luck style dinner on Sundays and I’m trying to figure out what to bring (baking bread has always been my easy go to).

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