A Big Announcement,
A New Home for
The Jarrett Family

Liturgy of Life, Moving to The Texas Mexico Border, Anglican MissionariesI am so grateful to have all of you in my life.   Many of you know that the last six months has been a time of transition for our family.  In December we  found ourselves facing an unexpected job change with no clear direction on what steps to take next.

Up until this point God had made things easy on me, at least in this sense, He hadn’t required me to face many unknowns when it came to how to move forward. In fact a handful of times He has swept  in and turned my plans upside down to keep me in line with His will (not that I haven’t made some majorly terrible decisions, of course I have, but I mean as far as big steps, where to move, where to work, who to marry, etc).

But this time it was different. This time God seemed ever so silent. There was no lightning bolt, no revelation, no unexpected twists or surprise guest appearances. We prayed and we prayed some more. We made a decision and still prayed that God would change it if we were off track. We were met with silence. We  began walking down the path we had chosen and suddenly it was clear, there had  never been  another path.

We are excited to announce that after many years away we will be returning to work along the Texas/Mexico border.

The border is where Michael and I first met and where we worked together for years.  We actually never planned to stop but a variety of circumstances took us away and until now it hasn’t been the right time to go back. But now the time has come and we couldn’t me more ready to go.

Now you might ask aren’t you scared of having to start over, of the violence, of the mosquitoes, of the scorching heat on the tree-less landscape?  And the answer is an emphatic Yes.

But at the same time the issues and the people of the border compel us.

We want to hear their stories and share them with you. We want to make this place come alive for you and give faces to the statistics.  We want to engage. We want to ask hard questions.  We want to love a place and a people that is broken.

I am so excited to bring all of you there with us.  I’ll still be blogging here and I’d love for you to check out our family website at thejarrettfamily.com.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers on this journey.  We still have a lot of unknowns including, raising money for a salary, and finding a place to live (you know, just the small stuff). So please continue to pray for us and please share our site with others who might be interested.

And finally, I’ll end with an invitation. One of the things we hope to do is to help you, or your family or even church make a connection with the border. We would love for you to see it for yourself and to sit with us and chew on the hard realities that the border presents.  If this tugs at your heart let me know, we would love to have you come for a visit.

Well there you have it. You know where to find us. And if my frequency of posting here slows down a bit in the coming months you will know why.

Here we go.



  • Tamara @This Sacramental Life Reply

    We are excited for your journey and look forward to hearing how God provides for you and for others through you.

    Peace !

    • egjarrett Reply

      Thanks Tamara, we are excited. As much as we have loved the hill country and small town life, the border is still on our hearts and we are excited to get back to it.

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