A Week In Review?


I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to add a regular post at the end of every week like a lot of bloggers do. It is a nice idea, a simple way to round out the week and a way to share a little piece of the personal which sometimes does but other times doesn’t come through in my regular posts.

I’ve put off doing it because I’m usually feeling swamped  and the commitment of another weekly obligation has felt like too much to take on.

Today my daughter woke up at 5:15, an hour later she peed on the couch. To make it up to me she has been sleeping soundly for almost two hours during her rest time! (This never happens!)

So I thought I’d take this gift of time and try this. If you hate it don’t worry, it is likely never to happen again.

Okay so my week in review (If I do keep it up I’ll think of a more catchy title, I know you were worried about that too).


1.   Monday morning when I went outside our trash can was dumped over. This is a common occurrence, we have a community of street dogs, that in addition to hurling themselves at my moving car when leave in the morning, also raid the trash cans every night (bet you want to come visit huh?).


The especially frustrating part about this instance was that our trash can was empty, at least I left it empty. And what I found on the ground was someone else’s, mostly spoiled food and trash. So one of our neighbors decided that they would rather give the pleasure of cleaning rotting trash up to us, rather than deal with it themselves. “Thanks guys, awesome way to welcome a new family to the neighborhood.”


Not our best moment since moving here but plenty of room to improve from there. I’m really chewing on what it means to love people in a broken world even when it means they put their stinky trash in your yard.


2.  I finally started getting mail addressed to me which means that Zenie got her first library card. Hurrah! We’ve been missing out on library books for a while now so these have come as a refreshing change.  We got an illustrated version of Heidi, The original Babar and One Morning In Maine. I’m psyched and clearly so is she.



3.  My brother and sister-in-law had their first baby Nina Marguerite.  She is Zenie’s first cousin on my side of the family which also makes her my first niece on my side of the family ( I love my little niece and nephew on Michael’s side, of course, they are amazing little people, but there is something cool about seeing your own sibling become a parent).  Too bad they are in Montana and I have yet to meet her. nina


4.  My heart is breaking over what I read about the refugee crisis in Syria and the Middle East. If you want to learn more here is a quick overview. Here is another post with some ideas on how to take action.



5.  We are excited to begin working some with La Posada Providencia a group that  houses refugees in America while they get their lives figured out. What a unique place to be down in the Rio Grande Valley and to get to meet people from all over the world.


6.  Michael has started working part time with a genetics lab. Totally out of left field right? If you know my husband you know he is at heart both a priest and an artist. But we are grateful for the chance to earn some of our income through this while still spending most of our time working in Mexico and getting involved in the work of other ministries here.

So if you or a friend is a doctor and needs personalized genetic testing, toxicology or wants to get set up with in-house injection kits let us know.


7.  I started swimming laps in the morning, this has been my second week of going Monday-Thursday (they are closed Friday and weekends which works out great for me) after about 9 years without any regular exercise. Though I wish we had a lifestyle that was active enough without having to add this into my schedule I have to say I am loving it and feeling super energized. So if you are toying with the same idea, go for it.



Have a great weekend!



  • Shannon Reply

    Nina! What a little doll!

    • egjarrett Reply

      Isn’t she a cutie. Before she was born I was totally fine with waiting to see her in January when we all head back to Ohio. Now I’m thinking seriously, I don’t know if I can handle it.

  • Ellen Reply

    Nope. You can’t handle it. Go visit Nina, and I’ll meet you there 😉

    • egjarrett Reply

      We will see. I would love that. I’m still hoping to come up with a plan where we can spend like a month of every summer up in that area. It is just too hot here anyway, and I’d love to get to see y’all and them.

      • Shannon Reply

        I like that plan! 😉

        • egjarrett Reply

          I’ve found that quite a few of the folks who work down here do that. It is so hot down here in the summer, everything is sort of shut down, all the kids stay inside, there are not activities or anything, it is really sort of strange. And so spending a month or so up north makes a lot of sense, a great time to recoup and see some mountains and lucky for me, visit with some friends and family too.

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