A Weekly Recap at Liturgy of Life Featuring Chocolate brownies

So last week’s review seemed to be a hit so I thought I’d share a few highlights once again while I have the time. Let me know what you think.


This week was marked by a weekend where I was up until mid-night two nights in a row (trust me by Sunday morning I was starting to regret it) and the best part about it was that both nights I was out with friends!


As many of you know a new move can feel lonely and that has certainly been the case for us here, so it was a joy to spend a weekend getting to know people.  It encouraged me to think that one day this won’t be so hard, that we won’t always be the new family in town.


So here are my top seven moments of the week.


1.  Maybe the best think I’ve ever invented (okay I’m sure this has been “invented” but I’d never thought of it before). Baking brownies in a mini-muffin tin! Hello, each one is becomes a chew corner piece. And you can’t go wrong with a Ghiradelli mix. I love baking from scratch but these are the best.


Weekly Re-cap. Litury of life. liturgyoflife.com


2.  I made the treats above to round out the evening with these beautiful ladies.  Folks if you are wondering what missionaries to Mexico look check them out. I’m so proud to get to hang out with this crew.


Weekly Re-cap. Litury of life. liturgyoflife.com


3.  I was stuck driving (very slowly) behind this guy for a while . Just had to take a picture. I love the resourcefulness I see in people down here.


Weekly Re-cap. Litury of life. liturgyoflife.com


4. I made this little house out of a cardboard box and then went a little crazy making furniture. This was a totally impromptu project, I had no plans for it, or any preconceived ideas, I was about to throw the box away and suddenly it looked just the right size for a little doll house, and there it is.


It’s pretty amazing how much you can do with hot glue and cardboard when you set your mind to it and how much fun it is to watch your kid play with something you have made together. We made a felt baby and are started work on linens and curtains this week. Don’t worry I’ll post an updated picture soon ( I know you were worried).


Weekly Re-cap. Litury of life. liturgyoflife.com


5.  My daughter washed the dishes after dinner the other night. So she is three and though I did check them afterwards she really did wash them herself and for the most part did a pretty good job. I don’t know whether to be proud or just confused as to what I’m supposed to do with my time now.


Weekly Re-cap. Litury of life. liturgyoflife.com


6.  It rained. Which apparently here means that the streets become rivers, which keeps everything exciting.  I actually love rain and though I miss the terrain in central Texas I am celebrating being in a place that gets rain more often.


Weekly Re-cap. Litury of life. liturgyoflife.com


7. We went to the San Benito Pow Wow. I don’t know if you can spot Zenie and I dancing in the circle or not?  Can I just say without exaggeration that this was one of the most fantastic things we have done with a family. I have been to a Pow Wow before but this one felt especially intimate and sincere.


There is something incredibly powerful about moving to a rhythm with people, all different but all going the same direction, remembering the past, looking towards the future, honoring ancestors, God, the earth, beauty and each other. This was profound.


Weekly Re-cap. Litury of life. liturgyoflife.com


Okay one last thing, we will be starting The Art of the Commonplace by Wendell Berry next week. This is an amazing book with great thoughts on the world I would love to have you read along with us here.

Have a great weekend.



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