Are Refugees Dangerous? A repost from the Public Discourse



Immigration remains a decisive issue for our nation and I remain far too uneducated to have much to say about it.  The Witherspoon Institute’s weekly online publication, Public Discourse has been a great resource for me on issues of morality, culture and politics. This article, Are Refugees Dangerous? is no exception. It does not deny the significant risks and challenges in managing the refugee crisis, but offers a thoughtful look at some of the downsides of the current immigration ban and paints a picture of what a healthier approach might look like. It also asks us to rise to the challenge, that we would be a country who seeks to care for those in need of help.

I’d love to hear your thoughts after reading. Do you have a personal story to share about immigration? What questions would you like to have answered as I plan for more posts in this series?



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  • Tamara Hill Murphy Reply

    Thank you for this recommendation, Erica. I’d be grateful for any further insights you share here.

    • egjarrett Reply

      I have found the public discourse articles to be super helpful as I struggle to understand the intersections between faith and politics. Slowly but steadily I hope to continue to posting on immigration. Thanks for reading.

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