Clothes Swap:
Free Fashion You Can
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Liturgy of Life Clothes Swap
Look at these beautiful ladies all ready to swap.

Question: How do you get 20 women to all show up to a party five minutes early?

Answer: Let them know they will leave with a new wardrobe and it won’t cost them a thing.

That’s right friends we are talking about a Clothes Swap.

Our group was especially inspired by this article and this quote from Caroline who blogs at Un-fancy,

“The more I’ve limited my choices in my wardrobe, the happier and more creative I’ve felt. It’s so refreshing to open my closet door and find a clutter-free zone, filled with all I need and nothing I don’t.”

Many of us were already trying to downsize our wardrobes but were also looking for pieces  we love rather than lots of pieces that are just okay.  We discovered that a clothes swap is a great way to pass on great items that just don’t fit quite right or don’t get as much wear as  we thought they would. Plus it is a great feeling to see something that never worked great on you looking fabulous on one of your friends.

Liturgy of Life Clothing Swap
This is my beautiful friend Kat who hosted us.


Here are some pointers:

You will need: Clothing racks, several full length mirrors, at least one place to try on clothes (we had three), lots of hangers, a system to label different categories and sizes.

1. Decide what items to swap. We included (I say we as if I had anything to do with it, really all I did was show up, shop and snap a few photos, but I loved the event so much I had to share it here) clothes as well as shoes, scarves, bags and jewelry. Each of us were asked to bring 15 items all in good condition.  Once I got into cleaning-out-my-closet-mode it was fun and easy to come up with 15 items that I was ready to pass on and that I thought others would love.

Liturgy of Life Clothes Swap
Jewelry and accessories, all set to swap.


2.  Consider your invite list. If you only have 3 or 4 friends coming then you need to all be close to the same size. The larger number of people you have the more sizes you can include. We had about 20 ladies, so we had a variety of sizes which made swapping fun for everyone.

3. Set the rules. Our swap had a relaxed atmosphere, there was no hair pulling or fist fights.  We all started shopping at the same time and were allowed to take as many items as we wanted. The only rule was that we could take no more than 5 items at a time off the rack to try on. If you have a larger group or are worried it might get crazy you can limit this to three items, set limits on how many items people can take home and even draw straws to decide who will be the first to start shopping.

Liturgy of Life Clothing Swap
We had a lot of fun but we still took our shopping seriously.

4. Make sure you set up is clear.  Kat did an amazing job of arranging clothes from small to large and then organizing them by category: dresses, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, pants and skirts.  She asked us to drop off clothes a day  in advance to set up (I totally failed at this, but did manage to bring my stuff a few hours before so all could be ready when the party started).

5. Don’t forget snacks. It is easy to ask everybody to contribute. We were all asked to either bring either something to munch on or a bottle of wine.

Liturgy of Life Clothing Swap
As shopping slowed down we had time to snack and visit and get excited over all of our new outfits.

6.  No negative self talk. Kat set the rule and I loved it. No negative comments about your body. We have a tendency to complain about how things don’t fit or we wish we were a different size or shape. We wanted this night to be fun and cutting out the negative talk definitely helped everyone go home feeling good.

7. Give away  what is left.  At the end of the swap we had the option to either collect our left over things or leave them so they could be donated.

Liturgy of Life Clothes Swap


  • Dana Reply

    What a fun event! It was a great time and a great way to refresh my wardrobe!

    • egjarrett Reply

      It was so fun Dana, and I’m glad we got to catch up. I’ve been loving my new pieces and wearing them almost everyday and I’m looking forward to wearing your sweater once it cools down again. So fun. Great to see you and thanks for commenting!

  • Shannon Reply

    I totally want to do this! I’ve heard of a clothes swap but in my mind it was piles and piles of clothes on my bed and it seemed kinda stressful. This looks like a PARTY! 🙂

    • egjarrett Reply

      I know Shannon, I didn’t really realize how much was involved until Kat pulled it off. I’m sure it was a fair bit of work to get organized but the party itself was really great. Like it was a full on party but with the added bonus of a new wardrobe for free, totally great. I always love to think of creative ways to bring different groups of people together and this totally did that, I totally recommend it.

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