DIY Photo Art:
Inexpensive, Easy
and a Great Gift

DIY photo art.
These are a gift for my sister(sorry to ruin the surprise Paula, I’ll get them mailed out to you soon). A little photo collage of some Texas flowers for her to have in Colorado. I’ll have to have her post a picture once she gets them hung on the wall.

Okay, so after food  (why I cook) and toys (bear cave, ball maze), gifts are my favorite thing to make. This is a super easy one, makes a great gift and is cheap. Sounds too good to be true right. You may never buy a photo frame again. Let’s get started


DIY photo art.
These are Zenie’s. They are great because she can pick them up, look at them and re-arrange them however she wants and we don’t have to worry about her breaking them. She and I made about 30 of these for Christmas a couple years ago.


You will need:

Wood. This works out best if you know  carpenter or someone with wood scraps. 2×4’s are okay but tend to be a little thick for most projects.  Pieces that are 1 inch thick are better, so scraps of 1×4, 1×6, 1×8 work great, really almost any size can work here depending on what you want to make.

Saw. For many of us this will be the hardest part. You do need to get the wood into smaller pieces. You can do this at home if you have a saw, get a friend to do it or ask at the Home Depot if they will do it for you. I collected a bunch of scraps and cut a bunch all at once so now when I want to make something I can just go grab a few. I do admit I’m a bit of a horder when it comes to craft supplies.

Paint. Go with acrylic. You can buy a little starter set with 12 or so colors for around 12 dollars, bigger bottles are about 2 dollars each. I find I go through white paint the fastest so it is nice to have a larger tube of that on hand.

Mod Podge. This is clear sticky stuff you can get at any craft store or at Walmart. It dries clear so it lets you stick pictures onto the wood and then you can cover them with it and make a clear glossy finish over the whole thing.

Mod Podge Sealer. This is optional. Mod Podge tends to stay a little tacky even when dry, for most things it isn’t too big of a deal but you can also buy a sealer that you paint or spray over the Mod Podge when dry and it gives it a harder finish.

Photo Corner and other details. I’ve seen this done where the screwed a little metal clip on top to hold the photo in place. Or you can make a collage with stickers, or text from magazine clippings or a combo of several photos. Tons of possibility here.

Foam brushes. These cost like a nickle and you can get them at any hardware or craft store.



DIY photo art.

DIY photo art.

Okay this is how it goes:

1. Cut wood into desirable sizes. I didn’t measure and I wish I had pictures of me using this miter saw, not something I do often. Be careful and make sure to use ear and eye protection.

2. Dust off wood and start painting. I did a coat of white paint first, sort of like a primer and then picked out my color. Acrylic dries fast. You can get these painted in one sitting if you want to.

3. Use photo corners to attach photo. These corners were self-adhesive. For now I just stuck them on. I may end up going back and adding a drop of tacky glue to help hold them more securely.

4. Display. You  can use these free standing on a table or shelf. If you want to hang them on the wall I would recommend using these command hook adhesive strips.

photo 4

For this style I used smaller pieces of wood and the square Instagram style photos. I always order prints at Walgreens and pick them up the next day.

1. Cut wood and wipe clean.

2. Coat with Mod Podge. If you do all the sides you will have to do it in two sittings.

3. Once dry recoat and stick picture on while Mod Podge is wet. Cover with another layer of Mod Podge.  Let dry and re-coat at least once, maybe two or three times depending on the look you are going for.

4. Seal wit Modge Pod sealer if desired.

5. Display.

Super Easy and Fun. Get started now and you can have all of your Christmas presents done and ready to go by the end of the month. Enjoy!

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