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The Family Journal

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I am so thankful for whoever inspired us to do this idea, though I can’t remember who it was. We keep this journal out on a shelf in the living room. We pick it up every few months and jot down a few memories. That is it. Super simple. But what is a little bit unique about it is that anyone can write in it (anyone for us usually means close family but you could use it in as wide or as narrow a group as you wanted)and anyone can read it.  We write expecting it to someday be read out loud at family reunions or in the evening after a birthday party.  So instead of journaling our deepest feelings we share funny family stories and sweet sentimental moments. We try to write down those little stories that are hilarious or incredibly tender, the kind you want to remember forever but inevitably in a few months will begin to fade. We don’t write often and in the past 2.5 years we only have a few pages of entries, but the entries are already wonderful to look back on. This is a simple way, that doesn’t require any technology, to keep a record of your family. Just to make a cheesy tie in with the season I’ll add that this is would make a great Easter gift.

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  • Shannon Reply

    We don’t do this exactly but I have a journal for each of my kids that serves the same purpose. I already love looking back on it!

    • egjarrett Reply

      Awesome Shannon, maybe I got the idea from you. I feel like I am using a lot of your ideas. I just made some diaper cream today to give as a new baby gift, totally got the idea from you.

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