Holding Hands.
A Few Thoughts
on God’s Love.


“Can you hold my hand Mama?”

My little girl came down with a fever yesterday. This morning she comes into our room, early.  There isn’t much else I can do for her, but she doesn’t ask for anything else.  She takes my hand and goes back to sleep.

And while we are laying there dozing I think about God and how He promises to be with me.  Sometimes I go crazy trying to figure Him out. His love is mysterious and unsearchable, the way He works in the world  baffles, even angers me. But then sometimes it is just like this. Me reaching up to Him saying, “hold my hand?” and He always does. And with that I can rest.

So we sit like this, she begins feverish and tired,  me anxious and afraid, not for her fever, but just about our lives and our future. We hold hands and we are comforted.  And right here in this moment God’s love for me makes more sense than ever.


    • egjarrett Reply

      Thanks Shannon. There are moments when the world and God all seem to make sense, very few, but when they come I cling to them.

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