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Cloth Toilet Paper


Before you close this in disgust I’m asking you to at least hear me out.  After all, cloth diapering is  a totally normal thing right? So why not cloth toilet paper?

I came to this revelation after I heard a lot of toilet papers are treated with chlorine and other chemicals that aren’t so good for you and I had been using cloth wipes for my daughter anyway. It seemed to make a lot of sense.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty here. I only use these for #1 and then toss them in a regular laundry basket which I keep in the bathroom. I then wash them as normal laundry. This isn’t any yuckier than, let’s say, underwear. Plus if you have a kiddo running around, half of your clothes and house are sprinkled with urine every day anyway.

If you are going to use them for #2 you probably want to have them in their own laundry basket and need to launder them the way you do cloth diapers.

This tip saves me money on toilet paper. It does create a little extra laundry  but the volume is small and the folding is minimal. I don’t spend more than a couple extra minutes each week and it probably equals the time I would spend changing out a couple toilet paper roles.

Most of these wipes were either made or purchased as baby wipes and I’ve had them since my daughter was born. The others are just flannel scraps that I cut up and never even hemmed the edges. I’ve had all of these for three years and have been using them regularly so I’d say they have held up well.  They wash up easily and stay clean looking (and I just wash with a basic homemade detergent made of bar soap or dish soap, nothing extra).

If you are still reading but are thinking there is just no way. I’ll accept that and I appreciate your patience with me. I would encourage you at least to try keeping a basket of cloth multipurpose wipes around for  noses or for other small spills.  Zenie has some that she calls hankies and she uses these to wipe her nose and for whatever else. All together we are buying less toilet paper, tissues and paper towels. Think of all of the trees we have saved.

I will give you a word of caution. If you go back and forth between cloth wipes and regular toilet paper like I do, you may occasionally get confused and end up with a cloth wipe in the toilet. This is frustrating but keeping a pair of designated bathroom thongs (which you need if you have kids anyway) will get you through it with no problem.

Happy Wiping!


  • Shannon Reply

    okay I have to admit you make me want to try it. i’ve often thought about how its not different than the cloth diapers and wipes I use for my kids, but somehow I’ve just never made the leap. if i can get my paws on some flannel i think I’ll give it a go.

    • egjarrett Reply

      My friend who actually made some of these wipes sewed them out of old pajama pants and baby blankets that she got at the thrift store. I thought it was pretty clever and really cute.

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