Liturgy of Life Quick Tip:
Layer Your Kid’s Sheets
During Potty Training

Layer sheets during potty training.

We have been in a major bed wetting season around here. We worked out of diapers at nap time a year ago but the exhaustion of of swim lessons and the hot Texas days have made for some great naps,  which lately has meant lots of accidents. I’m trying to enjoy the moment. At least I get to have a little girl who still needs me to help her with the little things in life, though it does make for a fair bit of laundry.

Okay, So I would have never thought of this and I think it is genius. Once my friend Kat gave me the idea it occurred to me that I had always seen nurses do this in the hospital but I had never thought to do it on my own kid’s bed. I’m sure most of you are probably already doing this and are laughing that it didn’t occur to me but for those of you out there who could benefit from this idea I wanted to share it.

So basically the idea is when you toddler has an accident in the middle of the night you want to make changing the bed as fast as possible so you can all get back to sleep.

So when you make the bed do it in several layers. First a waterproof pad, I have fabric ones but they also sell disposable ones. Then put the sheet over top. Then lay on another pad or two (two if you have a bigger or messier kid) and sheet on top. Repeat so you have three or four layers.

Also stack some blankets in the corner of the room along with a basket of dry jammies.

When you get woken up in the middle of the night because your preschooler wet the bed you can just zip in there (I actually use a head lamp for light which I know is really dorky but works great. I keep it on the red light setting which is a little eerie but way less bright and less disruptive to sleep) pull off the top layer of sheet,pad and the blanket.  The sheet will be dry underneath, add a new blanket from the pile and and you are good. Put on dry jammies and we are all back to sleep within a few minutes (okay well not always, but at least everyone has a dry bed).

I hope this tip helps to improve your week and lets you get some much needed sleep.



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