Liturgy of Life Quick Tip:
Make Your Own Frozen Waffles


This is actually a picture of french toast. This tip applies to almost any baked good and definitely works with waffles, pancakes and french toast.

So on those rare occasions when I do have the time and energy to make a breakfast of one of the foods listed above I almost always have extra. Once the extras are cooled I layer them between bits of parchment paper and  freeze them in a ziplock bag. On mornings like today when there is no milk, eggs or toast I can still make my family a tasty hot breakfast. Just take out your frozen waffles and warm them in the oven. I usually set my oven to 400 and heat for about ten minutes, five minutes on each side. Your cooking time will vary depending on how big your waffle is and whether or not you let it thaw out some first. This would probably work well in a toaster oven too. The re-heated versions are not quite as spectacular as when they are fresh of the griddle but tasty enough that if you don’t tell anyone they won’t ever know the difference.  My husband swears by frozen waffles but I think these are better than anything you can get premade and frozen from a box.  Plus you control the ingredients and they are much less expensive. Happy breakfast.


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