How to make Your Own
Scratch Off Paint

And,  DIY Valentines from Mama and Daughter

Well I posted this last year a week after Valentiene’s Day. I figured this year, since I haven’t come up with anything more original I would at least share it today on an hour before Valentine’s Day ends. Just pin it and you can save the idea for next year.


Valentine from Daughter

My daughter loves arts and crafts. I like to let her be creative. So I cut out a bunch of paper cards and hearts.  I also included a stamp, some glitter, ribbon and stickers. I let her go to town and make her Valentine’s however she wanted them.


Then I grabbed another little card and wrote a quick note to each of our family members. These served as Valentines and as belated Christmas thank you cards. We try to write a thank you notes for all my daughter’s gifts. I am hoping it will help her to be more grateful and to make the connection that her gifts come from real people who care about her and not just from the mail man who delivers them.


I try to get a couple of short sentences or at least phrases of thanks from her and I jot them down. I then stuffed my card and the card she made into envelopes and mailed them. We have a lot of family, all out of state, so it is a bit of an undertaking, but totally worth it. Often I’ll order some copies of recent snap shots and then I can include a recent picture too.

Another quick tip for writing cards with kiddos

I have a sheet of paper with addresses we use most often, her grandparents and aunts and uncles mostly. I keep this and a stack of stationary on my desk. I also keep pictures she colors and draws in this pile as well as extra photos that I have had printed.

When it comes time to write cards we can just grab our address list, label envelopes, then divide up the pictures she had drawn over the last week and jot a few quick notes. This lets us get notes written within a reasonable amount of time and lets my daughter, even at three years old, be part of ongoing correspondence with her family. And everyone loves to get a letter in the mail.



Valentine from Mama and How to Make your own Scratch Off Paint

Valentine’s day always brings back a fond memory for Michael and I. We had just started dating, as in we had had one date which occurred after a few very awkward conversations and about a month of discussion as to whether or not this date should happen or not. It did happen and we had a great time and afterwards Michael drove the three hours from San Antonio back to the border of Mexico where he was working. This happened three days before Valentine’s day.

On Valentine’s day I got back from class (cadaver lab actually, which meant I smelled like formaldehyde and other stuff that you probably don’t want to hear about). Suddenly there was an unexpected knock at my door and there was sweet Michael again, a total surprise. He said he knew I probably didn’t have much time since it was a school night but he wanted to take me out even if it was just for a soda or something.

I managed to make time for a dinner at Sushi Zushi and again we had a great time. We were married six months exactly from the night of our first date.

So though Valentine’s day itself isn’t a big celebration for us, it does bring back sweet memories. We don’t usually do anything fancy or exchange gifts but I do try to make a Valentine.

This year I learned how to make your own scratch off paint and it is super easy.

Mix equal parts dish soap and acrylic paint.

_MG_3829  _MG_3832


Design your card. Decide what message or picture you want to hide under your scratch off. Then cover this message with a light colored crayon.

_MG_3833  _MG_3835

_MG_3836  _MG_3837 _MG_3838  _MG_3866

_MG_3864  _MG_3839

Now paint over your hidden message.

I have used a darker gray/metallic paint color which worked a bit better than this red. The red tended to show through so it took a couple layers. It ended up thick almost like wax but still worked.

This is a fun project that you can use in all sorts of ways.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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