My Go to Carrot Salad Turn a Carrot into a Bona fide Side Dish


Carrot Salad, Year Round Cooking. Liturgy of Life at


You used the last tomato yesterday, the lettuce is wilted and the nub of a cucumber that you’ve been hanging onto has molded. You had hoped to get your family eating at least one vegetable tonight but your plans seem to be falling through (oh how often have I been in this situation).

You dig deeper into the fridge and find nothing but two old knobby carrots.


And it is perfect because you just saw this recipe for Carrot Salad.


Calling this Carrot Salad is a bit liberal. It really is only carrots with dressing. But it works in a pinch and is much more appealing than eating cooked carrots (at least that is my family’s opinion).


I do this one pretty simply. I peel the carrots (usually 2 or 3 for my family of 3). Then using the peeler I shave them into long strips. I toss them with red wine vinegar and add a dash of salt and pepper (maybe a squeeze of lemon if I have it).


Ta Da


Carrot Salad, a lovely, colorful, nutritious side dish that you can make all year long, and the swirly carrot shavings are fun for kids.

I’ll go ahead and give you the proper recipe which I got from Alice Waters, The Art of Simple Food.

You Will Need:


Carrot Salad, Year Round Cooking. Liturgy of Life at

1 pound of carrots, grated, peeled or cut into thin strips


Carrot Salad, Year Round Cooking. Liturgy of Life at

Make a vinaigrette by stirring together:

1 teaspoon of red wine vinegar

2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice




Then whisk in 1/4 cup of olive oil

Toss in the carrots and then add

2 Tbs of chopped parsley.

Let set for 10 minutes.


Carrot Salad, Year Round Cooking. Liturgy of Life at


(Most marinated salads are best if they can soak for a few minutes, then taste and add more seasoning if needed.)


I usually make small amounts at a time but left overs will keep for a few days, the carrots will get softer but they are still good and work great mixed into a lettuce salad the next day.





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