No Sew Curtains & Bed Skirt,
a Quick DIY for Your Weekend

On making a house a home. No sew bed skirt and curtains, Liturgy of Life

So I’m not the decorator in the family, the last time I chose the paint colors our room turned out looking like an exploding circus. Thankfully I am surrounded by friends and family with a much better eye for design.

So in the spirit of The Hidden Art of Homemaking I thought I’d share a couple quick tips that we used to pull our bed room together.

Keep in mind we have been living in transition for the past year and a half which usually meant bare walls with quilts hung up across the middle to make a “room” for  Zenie and mattresses on the floor.  With our latest move we were itching to have something that felt a little cozier.

So here is what we came up with.

DIY No Sew Bed Skirt

Our biggest decorating secret involves the drop cloths (like to cover the floor when painting) from Home Depot.  They are the most inexpensive fabric and come already hemmed (though not usually straight). Once washed and ironed they pass for cheap linen and make a great curtain, bed skirt or shower curtain as long as you are okay with crooked hems (which for us is better than no hem which is what we would have if I were making them).

In this room we simply made sure we had a large enough drop cloth (the bed is on 7 inch stilts to give us a little storage). We washed and ironed it  (at least I ironed the 3 feet around the edge). Then we laid it over the box spring until it just reached the floor  in the foot of the bed. The extra we folded under at the head of the bed.

Then to adjust the sides we stood on each side and folded them in towards the center of the bed and created these pleats. There is a little extra fold of fabric in the corners which for now is just tucked in, we may end up pinning it if it doesn’t stay put.  Last we lifted our mattress and set it on top, the weight of the mattress holds the whole thing in place.

On making a house a home. No sew bed skirt and curtains, Liturgy of Life

You could do the same with a sheet or blanket provided it is long enough.

We used the same fabric for the curtains. We bought a size that required us to only make one cut. In this case it worked out to have the cut side up at the top, so I just ironed it down to make a smooth fold. I’ve also used iron on stitching (available at any sewing or craft store) which works well for curtains and is quick to use when I needed to do a longer hem (I’m really not opposed to actually sewing, I’m just not set up for it).

The curtain rods are  plain wooden dowels which we spray painted black. We bought brackets to hold the rod and then used the curtain rings with the small clippy hooks to hold the curtain up.

photo 2


On making a house a home. No sew bed skirt and curtains, Liturgy of Life

Tada. No sew matching curtains and bed skirt. You are welcome.

Bonus project.

The wall hanging above our bed is a piece of fabric I bought at a market in Uganda. Michael made a wooden frame and we stapled the fabric around the sides. If making a frame is too much you could probably create the same effect by buying a frame at the thrift store and covering it.

photo 1

Nothing fancy. But feels like home to us.

Hope you have a great weekend.


    • egjarrett Reply

      Thanks Tamara, nothing fancy but it works for us.

  • Courtney Reply

    I love that book! Read it last year. She and Susan Schaeffer Macauley are my fave. Also, we use drop cloths as curtains. 🙂

    • egjarrett Reply

      It makes me feel stylish to know we are doing the same thing at our house as you are, your stuff is always so cute. I hope you are enjoying your new home. I haven’t read anything by Susan but I’ll have to look into them. I have another book by Edith, What is A Family? but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Let me know your favorites? I’m trying to put together next year’s reading list.

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