Remembering Easter

We are moving this weekend instead of celebrating Easter with the local Orthodox Church. But I’m grateful, at least, that the timing of Orthodox Easter makes this post seem timely rather than way too late. Here are a few pictures and projects from our own Easter celebrations last month.  I’m slowly working backwards to get caught up on my posts. One of these days I’ll share the pictures from my daughter’s 4th birthday and Little House on the Prairie party which is now over 2 months ago.  It won’t be happening any time soon though as I have a lot to pack.

This has been a great spot for us and I will probably never have such a spacious kitchen again in my life. But when we moved we knew it was  temporary until we had a better idea of where we would be spending most of our time. As it turns out most of what we do is in a town about 30 minutes away and we are weary of the commute. So we are on the move.



Easter. Shaving cream dye.
This year I discovered an egg dying trick. You can fill a pan with shaving cream or cool whip and drop the food coloring on, swirl it and then roll the egg. It made beautiful designs and is much easier for little hands to manage. You can find a tutorial here.



Easter. Cascarones
Our finished eggs. Yours will be much brighter if you start with white eggs rather than brown. We hollowed them and made cascarones which you can read about here.



Easter. Jelly Beans.
During lent dropped a black eyed pea in the bowl every time we said shared a thought of gratitude. On Easter the peas were transformed into jelly beans.  Read more about our Easter preparation here.



Natural dyed Easter eggs.
We also used natural homemade dyes with flower imprints, this was far easier than I thought it would be. You can read about how to do it here.


It’s good to think on Easter as I pack. It doesn’t matter that I’m 2 months behind in everything or that I have the pressing job of reorganizing all of my belongings into a stack of cardboard boxes.  Easter is for remembering baptism and rebirth and the hope of the resurrection. What better time to start again in a new space, in a new town, slowly building into relationships and eventually finding our way around without getting lost.

Wish me luck friends and Christos Anesti.


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