Simple Party Favors for a
Woodland Themed Party

If you have been reading here for a while you know I love celebrating life with a great party. And part of the party are the party favors. Something fun and hopefully functional to remember us by. A good party favor is inexpensive, beautiful and useful.

Here is what I came up with.

First, something simple, natural and beautiful.

Polished rocks!

I wanted a rock polisher as a kid but never got one. When we moved out the ranch Zenie and I began to gather an impressive rock collection. Last year for my birthday my mom made my childhood wishes come true with my very own rock polisher. Now in about a months time I can take any regular rock and shine it into a treasure. Only problem is, I don’t really have need of so many polished rocks. I have great plans for building beautiful terrariums but it hasn’t happened yet. So I decided to use Zenie’s party to share our rock love.

I simply put the rocks in a jar with a note that said “take one.” Each guest got a chance to sort through the shiny rocks and pick out their favorite.


There is nothing like taking home something alive. This time of year is planting season so our nurseries are packed full with starter plants. I considered sending everyone home with a little tree, but instead decided to do something even simpler. A spinach plant. Each family got to take one home, giving them something pretty and green and something they can grow and eat. These cost about $2.50 for six plants and I just wrapped the peat pot in scrap fabric and tied with twine.



Finally, something to wear. I love kid’s in little hats and headbands. I saw all sorts of different ideas for masks and hats, but decided on something simple. Headbands with animal ears. I cut these out free-hand and folded them over the headbands and secured with super glue. I made bear, mouse, deer, rabbit, coyote, mountain lion, fox and skunk. For the rabbit ears I used a little piece of foam board scrap to make sure they stood up. I secured this to the headband first and then glued the felt over top. This was a simple and inexpensive project and made for some super cute photos.


IMG_5286  IMG_5285



Good luck with your party and post pictures so we can see what you came up with!

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