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I created Liturgy of Life to bring together folks, who like me, are asking questions of the world.


If you find yourself asking questions like,

“What does all this suffering in the world have to do with me?”

“How do I get my toddler to sleep through the night?

“Does my life really matter in the scheme of things?”

“Why are my scrambled eggs always runny?”

“Is there anything in life that is true or right, how do we find those things?”

This is the place for you.

.    .    .

Here you will find musings over how to get a three year old to eat a bowl of oatmeal and helpful ideas like how to make your own cloth toilet paper.  You will also find reflections on St. Benedict and monasticism, martyrdom in the persecuted church,  the Eucharist, and sacramental living.

It is all one conversation.

We are made of spirit and flesh.  We are afraid but still brave.  We love out of our broken hearts.  We eat and sleep and wash our underwear and our noses run when we cry.

We are all connected.  We exist within God’s creation.

And I am glad that you are here.

.    .    .

One easy way to dive into the conversation here is to join our reading group. Each year as a community we read through a handful of books on faith, family and spiritual things.  Click here for our current selection. Join the discussion by reading along, sign up for a monthly email update or join our facebook group.