Top Book Picks from a
Three Year Old

In the midst of unpacking  I find I’m often encouraging Zenie to, “go look at a book,” (as in, please leave me alone, I love you but I’m going crazy trying to get our lives reshaped into something that has a least a little sense of order).

So I figured I’d take a minute and share  some of our current favorites.

Ox Cart Man, Donald Hall

Probably our all time favorite, about life back in the good old days. Only thing is it makes us  sick longing for simpler times and a little farm of our own.


ChirChir is Singing, Kelley Cunnane

Zenie found this one herself at the library and it is lovely. It is a story of a little girl in Kenya who tries to find her place amidst the family work.


A Sick Day for Amos McGee, Philip C. Stead

I stumbled on this one in the library too. A simple and sweet story with whimsical pictures. It is a current favorite.


Make Way for Ducklings, Robert Mcloskey

A classic. This is one of the few books that our library has which you can get on CD as well. Needless to say I’ve listened to it about 50 times.


My Name is Yoon, Helen Recorvits

Another one of Zenie’s finds at the library. It has beautiful pictures and tells the story of a little girl who has recently moved to the US from Korea.

Let me know your favorites.

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  • Shannon Reply

    Would you believe we’ve never read Make Way for Ducklings? Kind of embarassing but it slipped through the cracks somehow. Blueberries for Sal (same author) is one of our favorites though. There is one we found at the library called For You Are A Kenyan Child that is really sweet and fun, oh and one called Joon about a little girl who lives with her grandfather in a yurt! Mongolia maybe? The place escaped me. Alyosha also really loves Mama Do You Love Me? and Papa Do You Love Me? I’m a big fan of books that depict different cultures, or are a throwback to the good old days 🙂

    • egjarrett Reply

      It’s funny we got Blueberries for Sal once (the only time I ever saw it at our relatively small library), I tried to read it to Zenie while she was sick and she said it was too long and we never even finished it. But she loves Make Way for Ducklings and Lentil, we did Burt Dow Deep Water Man once but it is really pretty long, she didn’t mind but we got tired of it. I think I might have seen the Kenyan Child one, I’ll have to look for it and yes I agree I like looking at different cultures through books and Zenie really be drawn to them. Also funny I just learned what a Yurt is from reading the free book in the kid’s meal at Chick-Fil-A last week.

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