Walking Epiphany Brought to you by Tamara Murphy

Epiphany, Hope on the Border Liturgy of Life, Horse and cart clinic Reynosa Mexico


One of the best and most unexpected pleasures of blogging is all of the new friendships.  I am so grateful that despite all its failures, this crazy internet world can truly be used to foster meaningful relationships.  One of those that I am most grateful for is with Tamara Murphy who blogs at This Sacramental Life.  She has begun a blog series called Walking Epiphany and has been kind enough to invite me to participate.  I realized as I was choosing photos for this post that Tamara was helping me to see my own life with fresh eyes and for that I am abundantly thankful.

Check it out, this is the first in her series.



  • Laura Reply

    Loved it, Erica! Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your perspective with us :).

    • egjarrett Reply

      Thanks Laura, I just took a moment to check out your beautiful blog. Looking forward to learning more about your your story.

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