What to Buy When Frozen Dolls are Sold Out:
Go-To Gift Ideas for

Birthday Party Headband
A favorite snapshot from Zenie’s second birthday party.


If you have been following here for a while you may have notices that I love kids’ toys and kids’ birthday parties (If you want more details you may enjoy this post). However, I am also chronically behind (more on that here) and I am lucky to even think about buying a gift anytime before the actual party day. Plus I live in a small town which doesn’t give me many last minute options (basically none after 5pm on a Saturday).  So I have  compiled a few lists of go-to gift ideas for different ages.  My daughter is 3 which means most of our parties are  for preschoolers, so that is where I am starting, though all of these gifts would work from preschool through elementary.


The A to Z Book of Birds

I actually met the author of this beautiful book at a nearby nature festival the other day. I have been in love with it ever since I spotted it at our local nature center.  Like most kids, my daughter loves the natural world, and I am frequently impressed with how easily she catches on to the names of species or how well she can recognize the differences between various plants. With those traits in mind this is a great book. The lovely bird paintings are enjoyable to a young child, as they get older they can begin to recite the letters and then once they are reading there is a wealth of information about the different birds featured in this book. It is unique and fabulous choice for any young nature lover.


Rain for Roots

I love listening to music in the car with Zenie. She flips through my old CD case (which I’ve had since high school) and picks out whatever she likes. I went through and made a little greatest hits collection for her, and then via the Goodwill, added some kid’s music and  musicals. One of her first words was mazel tov after listening to Fiddler on the Roof.  We listen to them all, some times it is Credence Clearwater Revival, which she refers to simply as Rock and Roll,  but the Rain for Roots CD is her favorite.

As parents we are always in search of music that is fun to listen to for the kiddos but that we adults can enjoy too. Rain for Roots is it.  This album is put together by some of Nashville’s most accomplished musicians and song writers. Using Biblical parables as their inspiration they have come up with both meaningful and fun songs that kids and parents can enjoy. A great choice for any music lover.


S is for Shepherd

This is another fun alphabet book. Written by a Texas artist, Tricia Lowenfield has a whimsical style all her own.  She goes through the alphabet and pairs letters with stories, characters and virtues from the Bible. The pictures are engaging and charming for adults and children alike. It is  great book for a young artist or storyteller.


I do hope you will use these suggestions. They are each great works of art intended to stimulate and inspire children and they also each support small businesses and artists. If you have a favorite go-to I’d love for you to share it.

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