7 Quick Takes Fall Fun at Liturgy of Life

A quick review of our Thanksgiving week. Hope you had a great one.


1.  Though we missed our family terribly (we usually spend Thanksgiving with the Jarrett side) this year we decided we have been doing too much traveling and so we stayed in Texas.  We were thankful to be invited to eat with our dear friends and the staff of the Isaiah 55 Mission.   As a result my daughter got to hang out with a bunch of big kids who took her exploring in a pond and climbing on a broken dock. It would have terrified me so I didn’t watch, as a result she had the most fun day of her life.


2.  We wanted to squeeze in a few more fall activities over the last week before moving into advent.  I had some leaves tucked away that we collected last fall.  So we dipped them in bees wax and strung them on a thread.  I love it though I’ve been cleaning up bits of wax all week.





2.  We did a little thanksgiving craft at the refugee shelter. We are also reading Little house on the Prairie (for the second time) so my daughter’s telling of the Thanksgiving story goes something like. “Well the settlers arrived and the Indians brought them food and they all ate together, then the settlers took the Indian’s land and killed the Indians.” Mostly accurate but a rough introduction to the history of our country.


Liturgy of Life. fall leaf placemat


3. Oh yeah and the place mats are the leftover leaves ironed into a wax paper place mat. My husband said he made some like this in preschool. Also those odd looking cookies are one of my new favorites, sugarless, flourless breakfast cookies, recipe will come once I perfect it.


4.  I’ve had a few fall cooking flops this week including this pie I made for Thanksgiving. I guess overall it wasn’t so bad, just not very attractive.

Liturgy of life. apple cherry pie

I also tried fermented apple sauce. Apparently a good source of pro-biotics, mine tasted a bit like bourbon.

Liturgy of life. fermented apple sauce


On the positive side we started making cold brewed coffee which has gone well.

liturgy of life cold brewed coffee


6. We took the holiday Friday to visit a nearby art and science museum. Here we all are painting a still-life cornucopia, later we made light up LED holiday cards.


liturgy of life art and science.


7.  One more fall activity to do before we head into advent. We are all headed to the Corn Maze this weekend and then Sunday we are moving on into advent.


corn maze liturgy of life


Happy Holiday Weekend!


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Thanks for reading friends,





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  • Amy Reply

    Sounds like a great week!! Also, sugarless, flourless breakfast cookies sounds awesome, please share.

    • egjarrett Reply

      I know Amy, I’ll admit we have regular cookies (usually they at least have some oatmeal in them) for breakfast from time to time, so I thought the idea of an actual breakfast cookie, (one that didn’t give you a sugar high) was genius. The recipe I used was from Shauna Niequest’s book Bread and Wine. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly but it had mostly banana, almond meal, coconut oil and coconut. I saw another one the other day that was apple, banana and almond butter. Once I get the recipe down I’ll post it.

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