7 Vegetarian Recipes for Simple Meals During Lent.

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Growing up in the Greek Orthodox Church lent meant fasting.  Unlike most of the Western Church the Eastern Orthodox have  standardized dietary practices. As a kid it felt rigid but as I grew I  came to appreciate the experience of being truly part of a church body. We fasted and feasted together and it was a beautiful thing.

We are Anglicans now where fasting is much more loosely defined and changes for our family from year to year. This lent we wanted to do something to simplify our diet as a family.  Among other things we decided to give up eating meat for the season (making exceptions for Sundays and other special times out with friends or family).  The goal of this is to focus on our human weakness and Christ’s suffering as we spend more time in prayer, and while I hope this is being accomplished I have to say I’ve also enjoyed trying out some new vegetarian recipes that normally don’t make it into the rotation.  Here are a few favorites.


1.Vegetable Stock:

Easy as can be though not much of a meal on its own it makes a great base to soups, rice and other dishes.

Vegetable stock


2.Lentil Soup:

A personal favorite which always reminds me of lent as a kid, this recipe has great flavor. I skipped the “ancient grains” and just used some Italian Seasoning.

lentil soup

3.Black Bean Burgers:

I always want to like these a little more than I do but still not a bad option for a vegetarian main course. This recipe is courtesy of the Pioneer Woman, seriously all of her recipes are so good.

black bean burger


I’ve been making this recipe for years. It is a great one to have around for snacking and meals or to pull out as a quick appetizer for guests. If I have time I go to the trouble of shelling the beans but you don’t have to.  Honestly I don’t know that mine is better than store bought, the taste is about the same but it feels good to make it myself and friends always seem to be impressed by it though it doesn’t require much more than a can of beans and a food processor.



5. Spring Rolls:

This was a total impulse buy. I was passing through the Asian food section and saw these rice paper wrappers and had to give it a try. I still need to work on my technique but they made for a fun and unusual dinner.

spring roll


6. Falafel:

As a college student in Cleveland on Saturday morning we would take the train over to the West Side Market, a giant indoor farmers market of sorts, after looking at all the delicious food we couldn’t afford or store since we lived in dorms we would end our outing with a famous falafel sandwich. I’ll admit mine didn’t even come close but still they made a reasonable dinner. I had an easier time shaping them into little flattened patties rather than balls. I served them on a plate with a salad and some other veggies.


7. Miso Soup:

I’ve been experimenting with Miso a lot lately. It is amazing how much flavor it has and so far it seems to be good on almost everything.  I just bought some seaweed to add to the next batch I do. I haven’t followed this recipe exactly. Instead I find that adding miso to either broth or water along with some ginger and a few splashes of liquid amino has nice flavor. I then add some thin slices of whatever veggies I have and make some rice noodles or just plain old rice to fill us up.

miso soup

Bonus: 8. Bean and Cheese Enchilada:

We’ve found that eating vegetarian for a few weeks has pushed us towards a more international style of cooking and I didn’t want to leave Mexico out. This time around I used canned sauce but cooked the  black beans and refried them myself. Next time I think I’ll also try making my own sauce too.


What special things are you doing for lent?



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