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I am an Ohio girl, now living on the Texas side of the Mexico border.  I am the wife of an Anglican Priest, mother to one daughter, family doctor and homemaker. I believe that finding hope for the world starts in the flesh and bones life of everyday.

Through scrambling eggs and scrubbing toilets, in arguing and making up,  in loving the sick and hearing the story of the immigrant God draws us to Himself.  Even at our worst He lives in us and as we love the world around us it is changed by encountering Him.


Liturgy of life family photo
Our best try at a family photo.  Photography is not my strength.  Stick around long enough and it will become painfully obvious.

.    .    .

Before I started writing this I went though and re-read the “about me” sections of my favorite bloggers. One thing I noticed right away was that in every “about me” section, the writer almost always says something about “loving words,” honestly I don’t even know what that means. I am not a writer and had to ask for my husband’s help just to get this sentence written, he loves words too, go figure. Now don’t get me wrong, I am glad the world is filled with people who love words and who are incredible writers. I wish I was one of them. Starting a blog as a non-writer, (really I’ve never written anything that wasn’t assigned and graded before in my life) is a bit unusual and maybe unwise.

But as much as I don’t love to write. I do love to talk (ha). I love to visit and share ideas. I love to get to know people and hear their story. This blog for me, is a place to explore thoughts that are stretching me and a place to push me to make decisions and commit to them in front of the whole world. It is a place to try and fail and know that it is just part of the process. I am so grateful that you are joining me on this journey.

So now that you know I don’t love words, you may wonder what else is this girl all about? Well here is a quick run down.


Things I love:

Babies in costumes

S’mores and singing around a campfire

Sleepovers with my best friends and staying up all night eating popcorn and brownies out of the pan with a spoon

Having my hands in the dirt

Cooking from scratch

Homemade toys and presents

Watching lightning storms from the front porch swing

Baby animals

Planning and hosting parties and connecting old friends with new ones


Other things you may want to know:

I have a heart that aches for the suffering I see in the world

I talk too loud

I am always getting dirty

I tend to go to extremes

I hate it when my feet are cold (and they are always cold)

I am notorious for underestimating how big a project is before I dive in (hence this blog began)


I think this picture describes me pretty well.


Your turn, tell me who you are. Thanks for being here!




  • Gina Wells Reply

    Love Love the about sections and think this blog is crafted beautifully. Thank you for welcoming me in to be a part of your journeys. I am thankful for our friendship and look forward to learning and growing together. So far, I LOVE the book, and I am just reading the introduction!!! love. gina

    • egjarrett Reply

      So excited to be reading along together. I think this is one of my all time favorite books (at least when it comes to spiritual things) I am glad you are enjoying it. You are ahead of me. I’ve been in Ohio with lots of family visiting for my Yiayia’s birthday so haven’t made much progress yet. Good to hear from you Gina!

  • Jason Reply

    Erica, just stumbled on this blog with a google search. Just added your blog to Feedly, looking forward to following your posts. Love your sacramental living posts and the list of books you’ve worked through as a reading group. Not enough blogs like this out there! May God sustain you as you work and write for his glory.

    • egjarrett Reply

      Jason, Thanks for saying hello. The reading group started out as an idea to give me some content for my blog but has grown into a real spiritual discipline for me. Reading and then writing and discussing these books has pushed me to think harder about my world and dig deeper into ideas than I ever expected. I am working on a 2017 book list right now so let me know if you have any recommendations. I was just looking at your site too and appreciate what you are doing there as well. Based on your intro page I thought you might be interested in my husband’s website, thetrinitymission.org he does a podcast three times per day of a traditional morning, mid-day and evening prayer, adding the disciple of daily prayer has been another unexpected blessing to our family and has helped us mature in our faith. Best wishes to you and looking forward to hearing more about your work in the future.

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