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Home decor is not my gift. My goal in this recent project was to make a little headway on the mounds of clutter that are ever accumulating in my daughter’s room.  Honestly even the clutter doesn’t bother me much except that I know at some point I will need to clean it up so I’d rather keep it under control as much as I can.


This project consisted mostly of reassembling some of the things I already had with a few new additions.  I rehung the  6 water color prints that I framed a year ago and her map which serves as a dry erase marker board.  I added a DIY framed chalk board, a magazine rack to hold her construction paper and a little hanging shelf I ordered from Ikea. I’ve had her table and chairs from Ikea for a few years now and it is holding up decently well considering it only cost $20.


Home, Daughter's Room, Art Station, Frames and shelves, liturgy of life,

A couple tips:

 1.  Command Hook Adhesive backing. Is what I used to hang almost everything. They work sort of like velcro and make hanging a big collection a bit pricy but way less intimidating than if I had to drill holes or hammer nails in the walls for each of these.


2.  Dry erase map: We got this as a birthday gift last year, rather than mount it on the wall I stuck it on a piece of foam board because I knew we would be moving soon (not the most durable, but it works).  I left about 2 inches around the map on each side which was looking sort of ragged so before I hung this I cut some strips of burlap, folded, ironed and then hot glued it around the edge to make a cleaner looking frame. Cost me nothing since I already had the supplies.


3.  Chalk board: For this I dug out a picture frame that I had picked up at a thrift store at some point. At first I spray painted it white but then decided to go with a more antiqued look so I sand papered it and rubbed it with paint again (read more on how to do this here).  The chalk board is just a piece of wood that we had in the garage that I cut to size (we have a miter saw that I sort of know how to use, if you don’t you can have them do this for you at Home Depot) and spray painted it with a few layers of chalk board paint. I hung the chalk board and the frame separately, they aren’t attached to each other which seemed a lot easier than actually trying to have something framed.


Home, Daughter's Room, Art Station, Frames and shelves, liturgy of life,


4.  Hanging Shelf: I ordered this from Ikea after seeing it in a friends house recently. I did have to learn how to use drywall anchors (these little plastic pieces which help hold screws into the wall) and used a hand held drill to put this up. I also got a magazine rack from Target and hung it next to it to keep her paper.


Home, Daughter's Room, Art Station, Frames and shelves, liturgy of life,


5.  Pencil containers: I already had four tins that used to contain tea and had been using these to hold her crayons and pencils. I took pieces of felt and cut them into rectangles the size of the container and hot glued them in place so the containers would match.


6.  The pictures:   I bought 6 matching frames at Walmart and spray painted them white. I had purchased these 6 greeting cards from an tourist shop in Colorado.  I opened and trimmed the cards and framed them.  Then used a level to get them hanging on the wall reasonably straight.


Overall the station is helping to keep things organized and has kept her more involved in doing arts and crafts.  The downside is that it seems to have invited a bit of mischief. Within a day of putting all this together she had colored on the walls, her entire face, arms and legs, and carpet. She also cut holes in her pants and trimmed her baby dolls hair.  We have now removed markers and scissors and all seems to be going much better.


Hope this helps inspire you.


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