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If you are looking for a quick colorful accessory to add to child’s room or even a living space,  something that doesn’t require much time or planning you have come to the right place.

I am not a designer by any stretch so I keep my home decor pretty simple. I saw this idea when I was looking for something to  make for Zenie’s birthday. Most of the decorations in her room are left overs from parties (pom poms hanging from the ceiling etc. ) and I thought this would work out the same. I’ll post the number 3 tutorial soon, I ended up making a collage in her room with that too.

This is simple and you could do it with any color scheme or material. I’ve seen it done simply with crepe paper or fabric scraps too.

Here is a quick overview:

Start by finding a stick, not too crooked but not perfectly straight. Hang it with a piece of twine or ribbon.


Choose your ribbon or fabric. I made this fairly large so each strip had to be about 2 yards. After I started I felt like I had too much pastel and not enough bold colors so exchanged some for some brighter hues.


Start hanging ribbons. I made mine slightly longer in the center and shorter at the edges but doing them all the same length would work too. I mainly did not want to have to measure. I tried to stagger the colors so it looked balanced.


This is the finished banner hanging in Zenie’s room. The very worn out, synthetic, shiny paneling that is in this house isn’t the best backdrop but her room has a woodland theme so it works for us.


A little bird detail in the corner. This is my favorite.


The ribbon banner with the 3 for Zenie’s birthday. I’ll post instructions on it soon.

Have fun and post a picture of yours!


  • Shannon Reply

    This is cute! I might do it. I’d love to see pics of her entire room!

  • egjarrett Reply

    Thanks Shannon. Yes more pictures to come. With my very limited photography skills along with my limited decorating skills it is hard to get a total look that I love and then even harder to capture the elements that I do like in a photo. This house is also a challenge, the walls, floors and ceiling are all a bit dingy and probably never looked all that great to begin with. It is a work in progress. Not to mention all her clothes and toys that seem to jump out of their drawers and baskets faster than I can put them back! But I will post more pictures soon.

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