Great Gift Ideas:
Hand Print Butterflies
and Other Creations

Liturgy of Life, Mother's Day cards. Butterfly handprints.

In typical fashion I am posting our Mother’s Day craft about a week after Mother’s Day. The good thing about this one is  you can do it in a bunch of different ways and it works for just about any occasion.

One thing I am notorious for is getting in too deep with a project. This was no exception. Though it didn’t require sand paper or any power tools I did end up spending a lot more time on it than I planned.

Don’t let you dissuade you though. It is super simple. We just have a large extended family with lots of grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and god mothers and we wanted to send all of them a Mother’s Day card. We made our list and came up with 14. Which meant I needed to get Zenie to sit still long enough to make 56 hand prints.No small task but we got it done.


Liturgy of Life, Mother's Day cards. Butterfly handprints.
Zenie was really into doing red, white and blue, so we ended up with patriotic butterflies.

I purchased some fancy water color paper which was on sale at the craft store. I’m glad I did because it was slightly larger than normal card stock and it fit Zenie’s growing hands better. However they didn’t fit into standard sized envelopes so I ended up wrapping each of these in brown shipping paper in order to mail them.

I also included some recent family photos, mostly of Zenie. I do this a couple times per year. I usually send them to Walgreens from my phone and go pick them up.  This year I found 15 or so that I liked from the last 4-6 months and I ordered several copies of each. This let me stick a few recent pictures of Zenie in each card for Mother’s Day and I have some ready for when Father’s day rolls around.

Okay so let’s talk about making butterflies.

You need: Tempera paints, paper, brushes, water, something to cover the table and a smock to keep clothes decently clean.

1. Paint hands. I let Zenie pick the colors out of each butterfly.

Liturgy of Life, Mother's Day cards. Butterfly handprints.

2. Make prints. Our butterflies had four wings which meant four hand prints for each card. The trickiest part was getting the paper and her hands facing the right direction without smearing the paint that was already on the paper.

3. Let dry and then add detail.  I used acrylic paint, though you could use Tempera too.  For this I just added a butterfly body and face. (After spending a few minutes on Pinterest I realized you can make just about any animal or plant out of a either a hand print or footprint just by adding the right detail.)

Liturgy of Life, Mother's Day cards. Butterfly handprints.
All 14 cards. Finished.

4. Let dry again, open and write a message. Add some photos or other mementos or gift cards, stuff in a large envelope or wrap and mail or hand out. These would also be great to frame if you were motivated enough to do it.

That’s it. a fun personalized card that everyone will enjoy.

While we are on the subject of hand print paintings I thought I would include some other canvases we have done as gifts. For these I painted the back ground, got Zenie to do a hand print and then added some finishing detail. We have one more of a sun with her hand prints as sun rays but it seems I didn’t get a picture before I gave it away. Anyway I’m sure you get the idea.

Liturgy of Life, Mother's Day. Owl handprints.
We made this for an aunt that loves owls. Everyone was skeptical, these didn’t particularly look like owls until I added the detail but once I did they looked cute.


Liturgy of Life, Mother's Day cards. Butterfly handprints.
We made this for birthday gift for Zenie’s grandmother. I painted the back ground, then we added hand print flowers using the same method we used for the butterflies. Then I added stems and grass. It looked a little off balance so Zenie did a fingerprint caterpillar.


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