Lent and the Preschooler

Our family has been moving fast these last few weeks and I have to confess it feels very unlenten.  Thankfully we are reading Let Us Keep the Feast, in the Liturgy of Life Reading Group which has given me a few ideas of how to adapt the traditional celebrations to my current situation which is trying to mother a preschooler in the midst of a chaotic schedule.

I’ve attempted two simple activities and so far have been fairly successful.

photo 3

1. Lent Paper Chain

This took all of 15 minutes to assemble. I cut paper into strips, one for each day of lent (46 strips) and in the color of purple which is the traditional color of lent.  Together we thought of different people to pray for and wrote a name on each strip and then made them into a chain. Each day my daughter tears off one piece of paper. It helps her to mark the days of lent and gives us someone special to pray for each day.


2. Bowl of Beans.

This took all of 10 seconds to assemble. I got this idea from my friend Shannon (check out her lent post for some more great ideas). I took a bowl and placed it on a plate and then dumped a bag of black eyed peas on the plate (you could use whatever you have in the pantry). Whenever we think of something we are grateful for we say it out loud and then put a bean in the bowl. It is a simple way to keep our minds focused on gratitude.  Then on Easter morning all the beans will magically transform into Jelly Beans. Exciting right?


I’d love to hear how are you keeping your family finding ways to celebrate the season of lent?


Thanks for being here.



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