Liturgy of Life Quick Tip:
Diluted Dish Soap



I love when I find a simple tip to save money and simplify my life.

Now a days most dish soap comes in an ultra- concentrated form. It works well if you want to add a few drops to a big sink of dishes and fill it up with water. But when you only have a dish or two and don’t want to fill the sink, the soap is really too thick. When you squirt it onto a dish or scrub brush it is too thick and sticky. It takes quite a bit of water and scrubbing just to get the soap diluted enough to be usable. This results in longer dish washing and wasted soap.

So add a small amount of soap  (for this small bottle I add about a tablespoon) and fill up the rest with water.  Splash soap on dishes as needed and wash as normal.

I find I use significantly less soap with this method. You can add more or less soap depending on the soap you buy and how greasy your dishes are.

Happy washing!


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