Liturgy of Life Quick Tip:
Dawn Dish Soap Does Everything,
Even Laundry

Liturgy of LIfe Quick Tip, Dawn Dish Soap for Laundry Detergent and Pre-treater

I’m always trying to save a penny and one of the ways I do that is by mixing up my own cleaning concoctions at home, after a while I started noticing that a lot of recipes included Dawn Dish Soap and were specific about not substituting so I switched over to it. Now I use it to spray my plants for aphids, to wash my dog for fleas, and for all sorts of cleaning solutions.

One day I was out of laundry detergent and it occurred to me. I was using this soap for everything else, why not use a little squirt in the laundry? I added a sprinkle of washing soda along with it and to my delight my clothes came out cleaner than they ever have with any of the other homemade laundry soaps I have come up with.

I’ve also tried mixing up a solution to use as a stain pre-treater and while they often helped none of them were anywhere close to what Shout could do.  Well the other day I took a diluted version of Dawn dish soap poured it over some stains guess what? It came clean too.

So now it has become my standard for laundry.

To wash: A squirt, maybe about a tablespoon, of Dawn Dish Soap and a tablespoon of Borax of Washing soda.

To Pre-Treat: Mix about 1 tbs of Dawn Dish Soap with about 1 cup of water and pour liberally over stains (I never actually measure this, these are just estimates).   As with most pre-treatments the sooner you put it on the better.

I know Dawn isn’t exactly natural but it is seems less harsh than other detergents plus it is easier for me to just keep one product around that I can do a lot with. So if you are out of laundry detergent this weekend don’t make an extra trip to the store, just use a squirt of dish soap and you are good to go.



  • Shannon Reply

    I bought some awhile ago to get stains out of clothes and the pile of clothes is literally still sitting in my garage. SHAME! Good to know it works though.

    • egjarrett Reply

      Shannon, you should see my “mending pile” I shouldn’t even call it that because nothing ever actually gets mended, it has been sitting for nearly a year! Dawn does work though, let it sit on the bad stains, I mean it isn’t a miracle but it works better than most things and especially better than most things that don’t seem to be super toxic. We have used this cleaner called “Greased Lightning” when we first moved into our old house. It works well for stains too but my mother in law also used it remove wallpaper, sort of scarey.

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