Rethinking Quiet Time

I’m starting to get an idea of where Bloom is going here and it is challenging me to think differently about my quiet time, the time I intend to spend with God each day.

I am realizing that though I set out to use this time to connect with God, it often ends up being more about me than Him. I read my Bible or some other text related to spiritual growth but then I sit down and write my own ideas, I think about myself and then pray by talking to God about myself and all the things I want.

Reflecting on it now I am starting to think that there is a bit too much of “me” in my time with God.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think there is plenty of quality time spent, reading, journaling, pondering and praying. I’m not saying that I wasted time. I grew a lot and God did teach me and change me through this process.

But I’ve recently begun imagining what I may sound like to God.

I considered what it would look like  if I spent time with Michael (my husband) in the same way. If we sat and I read a letter he had written me or some other writing of his, then I thought about it, then I told him all the things I thought. There would be value in that, I would learn about him, yes, but if that is all I did I would miss some of the depth or really trying to know him.

To know my husband I need to be willing to tune out all the voices in my head and listen to him and to just be with him.

Often this is my relationship with God. I sit down (not that this even happens regularly lately) and read, or pray, but in the background of my mind I am thinking about the bread I need to bake, the laundry that needs to be done and the birthday party I need to plan.

I think what Bloom is suggesting is that if I really intend to sit down and meet with God I need to give him at least the same respect I try to give my husband. Sit down and listen. Don’t let my mind race, don’t let me think about me and my little world. Sit down and be quiet and just listen, and if I don’t hear anything than that is fine but at least I am making space in my life for God to speak.

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