Seven Highlights A recap of the week at Week at Liturgy of Life

Weekly Recap Liturgy of life.


Another week and it is now officially fall, though temperatures are still scorching hot down here in the Rio Grande Valley.

I’ll admit that while I am jealous for cool weather that invites simmering soup and hot chocolate I find myself enjoying our new location more than I expected.


Much of its appeal has to do with the inspirational people we have been meeting who are involved in incredible work. Let me give you a few examples.


1. Sister Zita runs La Posada Providencia which serves refugees in our federal system.  Located on the US side of the border they house families from all around the world who flee violence in their own countries and come to us through Mexico.

Zenie and I had lunch with men and women from Cuba, Venezuela, Eritria (didn’t even know that one existed), Somalia and Ethiopia.  All who came here with absolutely nothing.  Every one of them has an unbelievable story, and still every one of them is just like you and me, a mom, a dad, a brother a sister, just trying to make the best of their situation.  It was nothing short of amazing.


2. Stephen Robinson founded Culture of Life Ministry as an organization offering free clinics in this area.  They serve those in need at no cost. The doctors are all volunteers and the entire thing is run off of donations and grants. There is nothing as inspiring as hearing someone describe a dream that they have now turned into a reality, that has come at great sacrifice but has also been full of rewards (this isn’t their official website, Michael has been working on building one for them).


3. Our friends Kate and Nono Beale founded Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries  (you can read this post about our earlier visit) in Reynosa, Mexico.

Can you imagine going your whole life without language? Sadly that is the reality for the majority of deaf children on the border of Mexico.  Isaiah 55 not only has begun a deaf school but now has expanded into a vocational school which is providing these kids with skills they can use to provide for themselves and their families.


Weekly Recap Liturgy of life.


How can I not be inspired everyday when I get to hang out with people doing this sort of work?


Plus we have been doing other fun things.


4.  Zenie had her first first bowling adventure. Thanks to our new friends who hosted a birthday party at the Bass Pro Shop’s amazing underwater bowling venue.


Weekly Recap Liturgy of life.


5. And as we have gotten settled in I have been able to spend a little more time cooking again. This week I made Alice Water’s Onion Tart which was way better than it sounds.


Weekly Recap Liturgy of life.


6.  And I made my first batch of bone broth.  Which was really easy and is supposed to be very nutritious.  My bones are from a Eagle Catcher farm a local grass-fed organic cattle ranch.


Bone Broth. Weekly Recap Liturgy of life.


7.  I’ll just make one last plug for our upcoming book in the Liturgy of Life Reading Group, The Art of The Commonplace by Wendell Berry. We will be reading it over the course of the fall and discussing it here as well as in our facebook group.  I’ve been reading ahead a little and loving Berry’s perspective. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in America, Earth, life or faith, seriously, it is a good one.

Thanks for reading friends, hope you have a great week.



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