Seven Random Things I Learned in a Week at Liturgy of Life A peek at my Google search bar

To summarize this week I thought I’d give you a look into the things that I looked into.


1.  How do I make a DIY Air lock lid?

I haven’t actually made this yet.  But I’m interested in trying this recipe for fermented apple sauce so I need one.


seven random things I learned at liturgy of life. air lock lid.


2.  How much does a preschool teacher make?

I’ve recently fallen in love with the concept of a nature school, like this one I’ve heard about in Austin.  I’m trying to figure a way to create something similar for my daughter who will be in preschool next year.  I’m on the search for curriculum and other ideas so if you have one let me know.


3. How to make a DIY distressed style picture frame.

I’m making a little art center for my daughter. The goal is to keep her basic art supplies organized and her room tidier.  So far it has backfired. Though she has always had access to her markers and scissors, for some reason having them organized in cute containers has made her much more inclined to color her rug, walls, clothes, face and entire body and then take a scissors to her doll and her clothes (she already did her own hair last week so that wasn’t an option).  Still I want the area to look cute, the focal point is a little chalk board which I have yet to frame, I’m going to use one that I picked up a thrift store a while back.  I painted it white but it isn’t cutting it for me so am going to try making it antique looking.


4. How to use plastic drywall anchors?

I’ve been perplexed by these little plastic pieces that often come in the packages with the screws when I buy curtain rods or picture frames. I’ve seen my husband use them and imagined they were important but never could figure out how to get them in the wall.  For the art center (see point 3) I wanted to put in a curtain rod with a hanging basket above her desk and my husband wasn’t home.  The process was not without mistakes but I did it all by myself.

seven random things I learned at liturgy of life. drywall hanger.


5.  How does the American sewer system work?

I looked into this after thinking about the composting toilet.  I found this article in Scientific American fascinating.


6. How to unwarp a piece of wood?

This is another project for my daughter’s room.  She has a sign by her bed with her name on it. Recently she told me that during her rest time she pretends that this says the ABC’s.  This brought on a fair bit of mom guilt as I realized that my daughter has no actual visual copy of the ABC’s to refer to. So I’m going to paint them on a piece of wood and hang it next to her bed (she already isn’t sleeping during rest time, so she may as well learn her alphabet).  The best piece of wood I could find in the garage was warped.  So far I’ve had a bit of luck in reshaping it though it hasn’t fully flattened out yet.


7. How do I delete files from my start up disk?

Apparently all of my blogging is leading to me downloading lots of photos. This week I kept getting a notice saying my start up disk was full. I tried to ignore it but eventually it told me it was going to shut off my computer.  This was a great article for the non-technically inclined person to actually fix this problem, though warning, it will require deleting pictures (it seems that a lot of my time is spent documenting my life and then trying to figure out what to do with all of the documentation, not sure how I feel about this. ).



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Thanks for reading friends and have a great weekend.



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    • egjarrett Reply

      Ah thanks for the link. Yes I read about these briefly but hadn’t found the site. I think I read that on the east coast there were a few forest schools, but maybe through a different organization? It is super hot here, but seems that it would be easier to deal with than the cold in Scandinavia. We lived for a year in a fairly remote cabin on a large ranch, we were so much more connected to the natural world, it really changed my life, the way I understand the world and my place in it. It seems to me there is a lot to be gained by this approach especially for our kids who are spending less and less time in the natural world these days.

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